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WR14 3BA is located in the Barnards Green electoral ward, within the local authority district of Malvern Hills and the English Parliamentary constituency of West Worcestershire. The Sub Integrated Care Board (ICB) Location is NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire ICB - 18C and the police force is West Mercia. This postcode has been in use since January 1980.

WR14 3BA maps

WR14 3BA map - OS OpenMap – Local (Ordnance Survey)
WR14 3BA map - OS VectorMap District (Ordnance Survey)

Source: OS OpenMap – Local (Ordnance Survey)
Source: OS VectorMap District (Ordnance Survey)
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WR14 3BA geodata


Source: Open Postcode Geo
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Where is WR14 3BA?

Postcode DistrictWR14

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WR14 3BA Elevation

Elevation or altitude of WR14 3BA as distance above sea level:


Elevation is measured from the approximate centre of the postcode, to the nearest point on an OS contour line from OS Terrain 50, which has contour spacing of ten vertical metres.

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WardBarnards Green
ConstituencyWest Worcestershire


Nearest bus stops to WR14 3BA

Great Malvern Railway Station (Avenue Road)Great Malvern66m
Great Malvern Railway Station (Avenue Road)Great Malvern80m
Barnards Green RoadBarnard's Green103m
Barnards Green RoadBarnard's Green105m
Christ Church (Avenue Road)Barnard's Green132m

Nearest railway stations to WR14 3BA

Great Malvern Station0.2km
Malvern Link Station1.7km
Colwall Station4.4km

Source: NaPTAN
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26.6% of English postcodes are less deprived than WR14 3BA:

Food Standards Agency

Three nearest food hygiene ratings to WR14 3BA (meters)

Malvern St James
Food Hygiene Rating: 5 (Very Good)
15 Avenue Road
The Willows Shop
Food Hygiene Rating: Exempt
20 Avenue Road
Malvern St James
Food Hygiene Rating: Exempt
Hatfield School House

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Nearest post box to WR14 3BA

 Last Collection 
Avenue Road17:1511:30117m
Lansdowne Crescent17:1511:30200m
Wilton Road17:3011:30241m

WR14 3BA ITL and WR14 3BA LAU

The below table lists the International Territorial Level (ITL) codes (formerly Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) codes) and Local Administrative Units (LAU) codes for WR14 3BA:

ITL 1 CodeName
TLGWest Midlands (England)
ITL 2 CodeName
TLG1Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire
ITL 3 CodeName
TLG12Worcestershire CC
LAU 1 CodeName
E07000235Malvern Hills

WR14 3BA census areas

The below table lists the Census Output Area (OA), Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA), and Middle Layer Super Output Area (MSOA) for WR14 3BA:

LSOAE01032186Malvern Hills 009C
MSOAE02006718Malvern Hills 009

Nearest postcodes to WR14 3BA

WR14 3AXAvenue Road98m
WR14 3AWImperial Road161m
WR14 3LNBarnards Green Road162m
WR14 3BGAvenue Road182m
WR14 3ARAvenue Road190m
WR14 3LLMadresfield Road199m
WR14 2ASMadresfield Road202m
WR14 2APMadresfield Road207m
WR14 3BXThorngrove Road218m
WR14 3ATImperial Road224m