How high above sea level am I?

We can try and get your elevation from your device:

Or you can enter a postcode to get the elevation for that postcode:

Data sources

We use two data sources to find your height above sea level: Your device, and Open Postcode Elevation.

Your device

Many devices (and most smartphones) will - with your permission - report on your altitude, which is the same thing as your elevation or height above sea level in metres or feet.

This is often the best way to find your elevation at a given point, as the device's GPS has a good idea of your current position, and can use this to infer your elevation.

We use the Geolocation.getCurrentPosition() JavaScript function, which relies on the W3C's Geolocation API Specification.

Open Postcode Elevation

Open Postcode Elevation is an open dataset containing British postcodes and their elevations, in metres above sea level.

The position of the centremost property in the postcode is assigned an elevation based on the nearest 10m contour line from Ordnance Survey's OS Terrain 50.

We get your height above sea level from Open Postcode Elevation in two scenarios:

Your device does not report altitude, but does report position

In this case we look up the nearest postcode to the reported position, and use the elevation of that postcode.

You search for an elevation by postcode

Here we simply lookup the submitted postcode in Open Postcode Elevation and return the elevation.

Source: Open Postcode Elevation
Licence: Open Government Licence