We're organising UK open data into location-based dashboards, surfacing the data available, and signposting the source.

We include a GetTheData panel alongside all the data we publish, explaining where to get the data, and where to view the licence. Like this:

Source: Open Postcode Geo
Licence: Open Government Licence

House Prices: Rolling out property-related open data

There is a wealth of open data relating to individual properties, localities, and local authority areas. We are starting to roll out pages showcasing this data. For example:

Postcode dashboards

Discover open datasets with records in or near a given postcode. Example: SW1A 1AA. Search by postcode, or use the postcode drill down.

Datasets include:

See also broadband speed and availability by postcode using open data from Ofcom's Connected Nations.

Crime data

Open Postcode Geo

We maintain the Open Postcode Geo dataset and API. This open dataset contains English, Scottish, and Welsh postcodes along with additional fields optimised for geospace applications.

See also bng2latlong - a simple API to convert an OSGB36 easting and northing (British National Grid) to WGS84 latitude and longitude.

Open Postcode Elevation

We publish and maintain Open Postcode Elevation. This open dataset contains British postcodes and their elevations (in metres above sea level) to the nearest ten metres.

Pub/bus stop mashup

We've mashed up pubs and bus stops using our fledgling Open Pubs dataset and open bus stop data from NaPTAN:

Open Flood Risk by Postcode

We've mashed up the Environment Agency's Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea with Open Postcode Geo to create a new dataset:

Sports facilities

We've loaded a rich open dataset from Active Places Power featuring English sports facilities - what's on offer where, and useful information such as opening times and disabled access.

You can access the data via our sports facilities drill down or through our postcode dashboards.


We've mashed up open data from Edubase, Ofsted, and The Department for Education to create open data dashboards for schools in England and Wales.

Access the data via our schools drill down or through our postcode dashboards.

Ofsted also have data on nurseries, e.g. which is the best nursery in Caversham? And best nurseries by populated place.

Where Is...?

This is a new experimental area to attempt to answer where is [location]? using open data.

We've started with postcode districts, which you can drill down to, or look at the below examples:

See also...

Drill down into more places organised by county.

See also...

Outcode Open Data Dashboards

Open data dashboards for postcode districts (outcodes).

Drill down, or look at the below examples:

See also: Open data dashboards for places

Coming soon: Local authority dashboards

We produce extracts of our datasets for a number of local authorities, and are working to group these into dashboards, similar to this one for Nottingham open data.



Location timetables

OpenActive location timetables

Activites by day

Power Pump

Stay and Play

Activities in Manchester

Activities at Rivermead, Reading

Open Units

Our fledgling dataset containing the number of units of alcohol in branded drinks in a variety of standard servings:

Ten random drinks from Open Units


Aggregating various company open data sources.