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Open Postcode Elevation


British postcodes with elevation, i.e. distance above sea level, or altitude, in metres.



Filename: open_postcode_elevation.csv.zip

Regional Extracts

Extracts are available for the below regions:

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Last update: June 2017.


Derived from OS Terrain 50 and the ONS Postcode Directory.


Each postcode in the ONS Postcode Directory is assigned an elevation based on the nearest point on a contour line from OS Terrain 50 to the approximate centre of the postcode.

Note that the centre of the postcode is typically the position of the building closest to the postcode mean - other buildings within the same postcode could have the same elevation, or significantly different elevations.

OS Terrain 50 has contour spacing of ten vertical metres.


Open data - free to use for any purpose; attribution required.

OS Terrain 50 is licensed under the Open Government Licence.

The ONS Postcode Directory is licensed under the Open Government Licence.



AB10 1AB,20
AB10 1AF,20
AB10 1AG,20
AB10 1AH,10
AB10 1AL,20
AB10 1AN,20
AB10 1AP,20
AB10 1AQ,10
AB10 1AR,10
AB10 1AS,20

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