We organise UK open data by location and signpost the source.

Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

NE23 2AA
NE23 2AB
NE23 2AD
NE23 2AE
NE23 2AF
NE23 2AG
NE23 2AH
NE23 2AJ
NE23 2AQ
NE23 2BP
NE23 2BS
NE23 2BT
NE23 2BU
NE23 2BX
NE23 2BY
NE23 2BZ
NE23 2DA
NE23 2DB
NE23 2DD
NE23 2DE
NE23 2DF
NE23 2DL
NE23 2EE
NE23 2EF
NE23 2EJ
NE23 2EL
NE23 2FA
NE23 2FB
NE23 2FD
NE23 2FE
NE23 2FF
NE23 2FG
NE23 2FH
NE23 2FJ
NE23 2FL
NE23 2FN
NE23 2GA
NE23 2GB
NE23 2GD
NE23 2JA
NE23 2QA
NE23 2QB
NE23 2QD
NE23 2QE
NE23 2QF
NE23 2QG
NE23 2QH
NE23 2QJ
NE23 2QL
NE23 2QQ
NE23 2SA
NE23 2SB
NE23 2SD
NE23 2SE
NE23 2SF
NE23 2SG
NE23 2SH
NE23 2SJ
NE23 2SL
NE23 2SN
NE23 2SP
NE23 2SQ
NE23 2UA
NE23 2UB
NE23 2UD
NE23 2UE
NE23 2UF
NE23 2UG
NE23 2UH
NE23 2UJ
NE23 2UL
NE23 2UN
NE23 2UP
NE23 2UQ
NE23 2UR
NE23 2UW
NE23 2XA
NE23 2XB
NE23 2XD
NE23 2XE
NE23 2XF
NE23 2XG
NE23 2XH
NE23 2XJ
NE23 2XL
NE23 2XN
NE23 2XP
NE23 2XQ
NE23 2XR
NE23 2XW
NE23 2YA
NE23 2YB
NE23 2YD
NE23 2YE
NE23 2YF
NE23 2YG
NE23 2YH
NE23 2YJ
NE23 2YL
NE23 2YN
NE23 2YP
NE23 2YQ
NE23 2YW