We organise UK open data by location and signpost the source.

Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

BN52 9AE
BN52 9AN
BN52 9AW
BN52 9BF
BN52 9BP
BN52 9BQ
BN52 9BR
BN52 9DQ
BN52 9EB
BN52 9EF
BN52 9EH
BN52 9EP
BN52 9EU
BN52 9FL
BN52 9GE
BN52 9GG
BN52 9GJ
BN52 9GP
BN52 9GT
BN52 9GU
BN52 9GY
BN52 9HA
BN52 9HB
BN52 9HE
BN52 9HF
BN52 9HJ
BN52 9HL
BN52 9HN
BN52 9JE
BN52 9JW
BN52 9PE
BN52 9QP
BN52 9TP
BN52 9TQ
BN52 9TX
BN52 9UD
BN52 9UH
BN52 9UT
BN52 9WF
BN52 9YA
BN52 9YB
BN52 9YE
BN52 9YG
BN52 9YH
BN52 9YJ
BN52 9YL
BN52 9YP
BN52 9YQ
BN52 9YS
BN52 9YT
BN52 9YU
BN52 9YX
BN52 9YY
BN52 9YZ
BN52 9ZA
BN52 9ZB
BN52 9ZD
BN52 9ZE
BN52 9ZF
BN52 9ZG
BN52 9ZH
BN52 9ZJ
BN52 9ZL
BN52 9ZN
BN52 9ZP
BN52 9ZQ
BN52 9ZR
BN52 9ZZ