We organise UK open data by location and signpost the source.

Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

AB25 1AD
AB25 1BH
AB25 1BN
AB25 1BQ
AB25 1BR
AB25 1BS
AB25 1BT
AB25 1BU
AB25 1BW
AB25 1BX
AB25 1BY
AB25 1BZ
AB25 1DE
AB25 1DF
AB25 1DG
AB25 1DH
AB25 1DJ
AB25 1DL
AB25 1DP
AB25 1DQ
AB25 1DR
AB25 1DS
AB25 1DT
AB25 1DU
AB25 1DW
AB25 1DX
AB25 1DY
AB25 1DZ
AB25 1EA
AB25 1EB
AB25 1ED
AB25 1EE
AB25 1EF
AB25 1EG
AB25 1EH
AB25 1EJ
AB25 1EL
AB25 1EN
AB25 1EP
AB25 1EQ
AB25 1ER
AB25 1EU
AB25 1EW
AB25 1EX
AB25 1EY
AB25 1EZ
AB25 1FA
AB25 1FB
AB25 1FD
AB25 1FE
AB25 1FN
AB25 1GA
AB25 1GL
AB25 1GN
AB25 1GR
AB25 1GS
AB25 1GT
AB25 1GU
AB25 1GW
AB25 1HA
AB25 1HD
AB25 1HF
AB25 1HJ
AB25 1HL
AB25 1HN
AB25 1HU
AB25 1HX
AB25 1HY
AB25 1HZ
AB25 1JA
AB25 1JE
AB25 1JY
AB25 1LD
AB25 1LE
AB25 1LL
AB25 1LN
AB25 1LP
AB25 1LQ
AB25 1LR
AB25 1LT
AB25 1LU
AB25 1LW
AB25 1LX
AB25 1LY
AB25 1LZ
AB25 1NA
AB25 1NB
AB25 1NE
AB25 1NH
AB25 1NL
AB25 1NQ
AB25 1NR
AB25 1NS
AB25 1NT
AB25 1NU
AB25 1NX
AB25 1PD
AB25 1PH
AB25 1PJ
AB25 1PL
AB25 1PN
AB25 1PP
AB25 1PQ
AB25 1PR
AB25 1PS
AB25 1PT
AB25 1PU
AB25 1PX
AB25 1PY
AB25 1QB
AB25 1QF
AB25 1RG
AB25 1RQ
AB25 1RX
AB25 1SA
AB25 1SB
AB25 1SD
AB25 1SJ
AB25 1SL
AB25 1SN
AB25 1SP
AB25 1SQ
AB25 1SR
AB25 1SS
AB25 1ST
AB25 1SX
AB25 1SY
AB25 1TU
AB25 1TW
AB25 1TX
AB25 1UH
AB25 1UP
AB25 1UQ
AB25 1UR
AB25 1US
AB25 1UT
AB25 1UW
AB25 1XF
AB25 1XH
AB25 1XQ
AB25 1XR
AB25 1XS
AB25 1XT
AB25 1XU
AB25 1XX
AB25 1YD
AB25 1YR
AB25 1YX