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Open Pubs - Bath and North East Somerset


Subset of the Open Pubs dataset including only pubs falling within the Bath and North East Somerset local authority.

Includes pub name, address, and position in eastings and northings and latitude and longitude as open data.



Filename: open_pubs_bath-and-north-east-somerset.csv


Last update: July 2020.


Derived from the Food Standard Agency's Food Hygiene Ratings and the ONS Postcode Directory.


Open data - free to use for any purpose.

Food Standard Agency's Food Hygiene Ratings is licensed under the FSA's terms & conditions.

The ONS Postcode Directory is licensed under the Open Government Licence.


Field Possible Values Comments
fsa_id int Food Standard Agency's ID for this pub.
name string Name of the pub.
address string Address fields separated by commas.
postcode string Postcode of the pub.
easting int
northing int
latitude decimal
longitude decimal
local authority string Local authority this pub falls under.


List of pubs included in Open Pubs under Bath and North East Somerset:

(Click a pub to see our reference application - built using this dataset - a mashup of pubs and nearest bus stops.)

Source: Open Pubs
Licence: FSA terms & conditions