Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

BB11 1AD
BB11 1AE
BB11 1AG
BB11 1AP
BB11 1AR
BB11 1AT
BB11 1AU
BB11 1AX
BB11 1BA
BB11 1BB
BB11 1BH
BB11 1BJ
BB11 1BP
BB11 1BS
BB11 1BU
BB11 1BW
BB11 1BX
BB11 1DA
BB11 1DD
BB11 1DE
BB11 1DF
BB11 1DR
BB11 1DU
BB11 1DW
BB11 1DX
BB11 1DY
BB11 1DZ
BB11 1EA
BB11 1ED
BB11 1EL
BB11 1EP
BB11 1EQ
BB11 1ER
BB11 1ES
BB11 1EU
BB11 1EW
BB11 1EX
BB11 1EY
BB11 1EZ
BB11 1HA
BB11 1HD
BB11 1HG
BB11 1HH
BB11 1HJ
BB11 1HN
BB11 1HQ
BB11 1HT
BB11 1HW
BB11 1HX
BB11 1JG
BB11 1JH
BB11 1JY
BB11 1JZ
BB11 1LA
BB11 1LE
BB11 1LN
BB11 1LQ
BB11 1LT
BB11 1LZ
BB11 1NA
BB11 1NF
BB11 1NG
BB11 1NH
BB11 1NJ
BB11 1NL
BB11 1NN
BB11 1NQ
BB11 1NR
BB11 1NU
BB11 1PB
BB11 1PD
BB11 1PH
BB11 1PJ
BB11 1PP
BB11 1PQ
BB11 1PR
BB11 1PS
BB11 1PW
BB11 1PX
BB11 1PY
BB11 1PZ
BB11 1QB
BB11 1QE
BB11 1QJ
BB11 1QL
BB11 1RA
BB11 1RH
BB11 1RN
BB11 1RT
BB11 1RU
BB11 1RW
BB11 1RY
BB11 1SB
BB11 1SD
BB11 1SF
BB11 1TE
BB11 1TH
BB11 1TP
BB11 1TQ
BB11 1TR
BB11 1TS
BB11 1UF
BB11 1UG
BB11 1UH
BB11 1XD