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NW10 1JH lies on Kendal Road in London. NW10 1JH is located in the Willesden Green electoral ward, within the London borough of Brent and the English Parliamentary constituency of Brent Central. The Sub Integrated Care Board (ICB) Location is NHS North West London ICB - W2U3Z and the police force is Metropolitan Police. This postcode has been in use since January 1980.

NW10 1JH maps

NW10 1JH map - OS OpenMap – Local (Ordnance Survey)
NW10 1JH map - OS VectorMap District (Ordnance Survey)

Source: OS OpenMap – Local (Ordnance Survey)
Source: OS VectorMap District (Ordnance Survey)
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NW10 1JH geodata


Source: Open Postcode Geo
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Where is NW10 1JH?

StreetKendal Road
Postcode DistrictNW10

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NW10 1JH Elevation

Elevation or altitude of NW10 1JH as distance above sea level:


Elevation is measured from the approximate centre of the postcode, to the nearest point on an OS contour line from OS Terrain 50, which has contour spacing of ten vertical metres.

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WardWillesden Green
ConstituencyBrent Central


Nearest bus stops to NW10 1JH

Geary Road (Hamilton Road)Dudden Hill52m
Geary Road (Hamilton Road)Dudden Hill108m
Cullingworth Road (Kendal Road)Dudden Hill265m
Dollis Hill (Hamilton Road)Dudden Hill288m
Dollis Hill (Burnley Road)Dudden Hill309m

Nearest underground/metro/tram to NW10 1JH

Dollis Hill Underground StationDudden Hill387m
Neasden Underground StationNeasden817m
Willesden Green Underground StationWillesden Green1,353m

Nearest railway stations to NW10 1JH

Cricklewood Station1.8km
Harlesden Station2.5km
Brondesbury Park Station2.5km

Source: NaPTAN
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Broadband access in NW10 1JH (2020 data)

Percentage of properties with Next Generation Access100.0%
Percentage of properties with Superfast Broadband100.0%
Percentage of properties with Ultrafast Broadband0.0%
Percentage of properties with Full Fibre Broadband0.0%

Superfast Broadband is between 30Mbps and 300Mbps
Ultrafast Broadband is > 300Mbps

Broadband speed in NW10 1JH (2019 data)


Median download speed78.1Mbps
Average download speed63.1Mbps
Maximum download speed80.00Mbps


Median upload speed19.5Mbps
Average upload speed15.5Mbps
Maximum upload speed20.00Mbps

Broadband limitations in NW10 1JH (2020 data)

Percentage of properties unable to receive 2Mbps0.0%
Percentage of properties unable to receive 5Mbps0.0%
Percentage of properties unable to receive 10Mbps0.0%
Percentage of properties unable to receive 30Mbps0.0%

Source: Ofcom
Licence: Ofcom Terms of Use (requires attribution)

NW10 1JH gas and electricity consumption

Estimated total energy consumption in NW10 1JH by fuel type, 2015.


Consumption (kWh)152,319
Meter count10
Mean (kWh/meter)15,232
Median (kWh/meter)15,832


Consumption (kWh)35,776
Meter count10
Mean (kWh/meter)3,578
Median (kWh/meter)2,439


61.2% of English postcodes are less deprived than NW10 1JH:

Food Standards Agency

Three nearest food hygiene ratings to NW10 1JH (meters)

Food Yard
Food Hygiene Rating: 5 (Very Good)
49 Kendal Road
Dollis Grill
Food Hygiene Rating: 5 (Very Good)
1A Hamilton Road
Dollis Hill Greengrocer
Food Hygiene Rating: 5 (Very Good)
1D Hamilton Road

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Nearest post box to NW10 1JH

 Last Collection 
Hamilton Road17:3012:00141m
Dudden Hill17:3012:00425m
Dudden Hill Lane17:3012:00508m

NW10 1JH ITL and NW10 1JH LAU

The below table lists the International Territorial Level (ITL) codes (formerly Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) codes) and Local Administrative Units (LAU) codes for NW10 1JH:

ITL 1 CodeName
ITL 2 CodeName
TLI7Outer London - West and North West
ITL 3 CodeName
LAU 1 CodeName

NW10 1JH census areas

The below table lists the Census Output Area (OA), Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA), and Middle Layer Super Output Area (MSOA) for NW10 1JH:

LSOAE01000507Brent 018C
MSOAE02000110Brent 018

Nearest postcodes to NW10 1JH

NW10 1HGGeary Road32m
NW10 1NGHamilton Road48m
NW10 1HDLancaster Road51m
NW10 1HEGeary Road63m
NW10 1NHHamilton Road79m
NW10 1NEHamilton Road92m
NW10 1NDFleetwood Road106m
NW10 1NJHamilton Road113m
NW10 1NBFleetwood Road145m
NW10 1PAHamilton Road147m