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NN13 7HH maps, stats, and open data

Last Update December 3rd, 2021 - NN13 7HH lies on Buckingham Road in Brackley. NN13 7HH is located in the Brackley East electoral ward, within the local authority district of South Northamptonshire and the English Parliamentary constituency of South Northamptonshire. The Clinical Commissioning Group is NHS Northamptonshire CCG and the police force is Northamptonshire. This postcode has been in use since June 1998.


NN13 7HH coronavirus (COVID-19)

The NN13 7HH postcode is within the Northamptonshire Upper Tier Local Authority. As of Friday 3rd December there were 121,485 confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases reported by Public Heath England in Northamptonshire.

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NN13 7HH maps

NN13 7HH map - OS OpenMap – Local (Ordnance Survey)
NN13 7HH map - OS VectorMap District (Ordnance Survey)

Source: OS OpenMap – Local (Ordnance Survey)
Source: OS VectorMap District (Ordnance Survey)
Licence: Open Government Licence (requires attribution)

NN13 7HH geodata


Source: Open Postcode Geo
Licence: Open Government Licence

Where is NN13 7HH?

StreetBuckingham Road
Postcode DistrictNN13
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NN13 7HH Elevation

Elevation or altitude of NN13 7HH as distance above sea level:


Elevation is measured from the approximate centre of the postcode, to the nearest point on an OS contour line from OS Terrain 50, which has contour spacing of ten vertical metres.

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WardBrackley East
ConstituencySouth Northamptonshire


Reported crime within 500m of NN13 7HH

April 2019Anti-social behaviourOn or near Dovehouse Close61m
April 2019Other theftOn or near Brackley Lodge Mews193m
April 2019Criminal damage and arsonOn or near Saxon Acre244m
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Source: data.police.uk
Licence: Open Government Licence


Nearest bus stops to NN13 7HH

St Rumbolds Court (Buckingham Road)Brackley181m
Winchester House (High Street)Brackley198m
Winchester House (High Street)Brackley217m
Market Place (High Street)Brackley219m
Demand Responsive AreaBrackley224m

Source: NaPTAN
Licence: Open Government Licence


➜ Broadband speed and availability dashboard for NN13 7HH

Broadband access in NN13 7HH (2020 data)

Percentage of properties with Next Generation Access100.0%
Percentage of properties with Superfast Broadband100.0%
Percentage of properties with Ultrafast Broadband0.0%
Percentage of properties with Full Fibre Broadband0.0%

Superfast Broadband is between 30Mbps and 300Mbps
Ultrafast Broadband is > 300Mbps

Broadband speed in NN13 7HH (2019 data)


Median download speed53.5Mbps
Average download speed50.9Mbps
Maximum download speed80.00Mbps


Median upload speed14.5Mbps
Average upload speed12.2Mbps
Maximum upload speed20.00Mbps

Broadband limitations in NN13 7HH (2020 data)

Percentage of properties unable to receive 2Mbps0.0%
Percentage of properties unable to receive 5Mbps0.0%
Percentage of properties unable to receive 10Mbps0.0%
Percentage of properties unable to receive 30Mbps0.0%

➜ Broadband speed and availability dashboard for NN13 7HH

Source: Ofcom
Licence: Ofcom Terms of Use (requires attribution)

NN13 7HH gas and electricity consumption

Estimated total energy consumption in NN13 7HH by fuel type, 2015.

Consumption (kWh)Meter countMean (kWh/meter)Median (kWh/meter)


12.2% of English postcodes are less deprived than NN13 7HH:

Food Standards Agency

Three nearest food hygiene ratings to NN13 7HH (meters)

The Plough Inn9 High Street103mFood Hygiene Rating: 5 (Very Good)
Pizza Rolla17 High Street103mFood Hygiene Rating: 4 (Good)
Waterfall Elior LtdSt Rumbolds Court118mFood Hygiene Rating: 5 (Very Good)
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Companies registered in or near NN13 7HH

AIRE SERV LIMITEDNeighbourly Training Centre, Building 4 Brackley Campus, Buckingham RoadNN13 7EL
BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL UK LIMITEDNeighbourly Training Centre, Building 4 Brackley Campus, Buckingham RoadNN13 7EL
COUNTRYWIDE GARDEN MAINTENANCE SERVICES LIMITEDNeighbourly Training Centre, Building 4 Brackley Campus, Buckingham RoadNN13 7EL
COUNTRYWIDE GROUNDS MAINTENANCE LIMITEDNeighbourly Training Centre, Building 4 Brackley Campus, Buckingham RoadNN13 7EL
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Source: Companies House
Licence: Supplied under section 47 and 50 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and Schedule 1 of the Database Regulations (SI 1997/3032)

Nearest post box to NN13 7HH

 Last Collection 
Syresham Sorting Office16:0008:00252m
Market Square17:0012:00273m
Church Road16:1508:00412m

Nearest sports facilities to NN13 7HH

Magdalen College School (St John Site)
High Street, Brackley
Health and Fitness Gym, Grass Pitches
Winchester House School
High Street, Brackley
Sports Hall, Swimming Pool, Grass Pitches, Squash Courts, Artificial Grass Pitch, Outdoor Tennis Courts
Brackley & District Bowling Club
Westminster Road, Brackley
Indoor Bowls

Source: Active Places
Licence: Open Government Licence

Nearest schools to NN13 7HH

SchoolPhase of EducationDistance
Winchester House School
44 High Street, Brackley, NN13 7AZ
Not applicable180m
Magdalen College School
Waynflete Avenue, Brackley, NN13 6FB
Brackley Church of England Junior School
Manor Road, BRACKLEY, NN13 6EE

Source: Edubase
Licence: Open Government Licence

NN13 7HH NUTS and NN13 7HH LAU

The below table lists the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) codes and Local Administrative Units (LAU) codes for NN13 7HH:

NUTS 1 CodeName
UKFEast Midlands (England)
NUTS 2 CodeName
UKF2Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire
NUTS 3 CodeName
UKF24West Northamptonshire
LAU 1 CodeName
E07000155South Northamptonshire
LAU 2 CodeName
E05006030Brackley East

NN13 7HH census areas

The below table lists the Census Output Area (OA), Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA), and Middle Layer Super Output Area (MSOA) for NN13 7HH:

LSOAE01027264South Northamptonshire 010A
MSOAE02005690South Northamptonshire 010

Nearest postcodes to NN13 7HH

NN13 7HJDovehouse Close37m
NN13 7ELBuckingham Road80m
NN13 7USThe Plough Mews81m
NN13 7ADHigh Street96m
NN13 7DWHigh Street102m
NN13 7BFBuckingham Road128m
NN13 7DTHigh Street165m
NN13 7DSHigh Street172m
NN13 7EDWestminster Croft182m
NN13 6ALHill Street199m