Ability At St Johns (Closed) - London

Ability At St Johns (Closed) is located in London (N1).

AddressPitfield Street, London, N1 6NP
Car ParkYes
Car Park Capacity40
Management TypeNot Known
Management GroupNot Known
Owner TypeCommunity Organisation
Owner GroupCommunity Organisation
Education PhaseNot Known
Closure Date1st Nov 2006
Closure ReasonUnclassified


Health and Fitness Gym

Closure Date1st Nov 2006
Closure ReasonUnclassified
AccessibilityPay and Play
Management TypeNot Known
Year Built1999
Changing RoomsYes
Date Record Checked6th Feb 2007
Opening TimesDetailed Timings

Facility specifics

Where is Ability At St Johns (Closed)?

Sub Building Name
Building Name
Building Number0
Dependent Thoroughfare
Thoroughfare NamePitfield Street
Double Dependent Locality
Dependent Locality
PostcodeN1 6NP

Ability At St Johns (Closed) on a map

Ability At St Johns (Closed) map (N1 6NP) - OS VectorMap District (Ordnance Survey)

Source: OS VectorMap District (Ordnance Survey)
Licence: Open Government Licence (requires attribution)

Ability At St Johns (Closed) geodata

Local Authority NameHackney
Local Authority CodeE09000012
Parliamentary Constituency NameHackney South and Shoreditch
Parliamentary Constituency CodeE14000721
Region NameLondon
Region CodeE15000007
Ward NameHoxton West
Ward CodeE05009378
Output Area CodeE00008872

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Audited On26th Jan 2015
Checked On6th Feb 2007