Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

WS12 3AA
WS12 3AB
WS12 3DS
WS12 3DZ
WS12 3EA
WS12 3EU
WS12 3EX
WS12 3HA
WS12 3HB
WS12 3HD
WS12 3HE
WS12 3HF
WS12 3HG
WS12 3HH
WS12 3HJ
WS12 3HL
WS12 3HN
WS12 3HP
WS12 3HQ
WS12 3HR
WS12 3HS
WS12 3HT
WS12 3HU
WS12 3HW
WS12 3HX
WS12 3HY
WS12 3HZ
WS12 3JA
WS12 3JB
WS12 3TE
WS12 3TF
WS12 3TG
WS12 3TL
WS12 3TN
WS12 3TQ
WS12 3TT
WS12 3TU
WS12 3TX
WS12 3TY
WS12 3TZ
WS12 3UP
WS12 3XA
WS12 3XB
WS12 3XD
WS12 3XE
WS12 3XF
WS12 3XG
WS12 3XH
WS12 3XJ
WS12 3XL
WS12 3XN
WS12 3XP
WS12 3XQ
WS12 3XR
WS12 3XS
WS12 3XT
WS12 3XU
WS12 3XW
WS12 3XX
WS12 3XY
WS12 3XZ
WS12 3YA
WS12 3YB
WS12 3YD
WS12 3YE
WS12 3YF
WS12 3YG
WS12 3YH
WS12 3YJ
WS12 3YL
WS12 3YN
WS12 3YP
WS12 3YQ
WS12 3YR
WS12 3YS
WS12 3YW
WS12 3YY