Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

SO40 4AA
SO40 4AB
SO40 4AD
SO40 4AE
SO40 4AF
SO40 4AG
SO40 4AH
SO40 4AJ
SO40 4AL
SO40 4AN
SO40 4AP
SO40 4AQ
SO40 4AR
SO40 4AS
SO40 4AT
SO40 4AU
SO40 4AW
SO40 4AX
SO40 4AY
SO40 4AZ
SO40 4BD
SO40 4BE
SO40 4BJ
SO40 4BL
SO40 4BX
SO40 4BY
SO40 4DA
SO40 4JU
SO40 4JW
SO40 4JX
SO40 4JY
SO40 4JZ
SO40 4LB
SO40 4LE
SO40 4PA
SO40 4PB
SO40 4PD
SO40 4SB
SO40 4SD
SO40 4SE
SO40 4SF
SO40 4SG
SO40 4SH
SO40 4SJ
SO40 4SL
SO40 4SN
SO40 4SQ
SO40 4SR
SO40 4SS
SO40 4ST
SO40 4SU
SO40 4SW
SO40 4SX
SO40 4SY
SO40 4TE
SO40 4TS
SO40 4TU
SO40 4TW
SO40 4UA
SO40 4UB
SO40 4UD
SO40 4UE
SO40 4UF
SO40 4UG
SO40 4UH
SO40 4UJ
SO40 4UL
SO40 4UN
SO40 4UP
SO40 4UQ
SO40 4UR
SO40 4US
SO40 4UT
SO40 4UU
SO40 4UW
SO40 4UX
SO40 4UY
SO40 4UZ
SO40 4WA
SO40 4WB
SO40 4WD
SO40 4WE
SO40 4WF
SO40 4WG
SO40 4WH
SO40 4WJ
SO40 4WL
SO40 4WN
SO40 4WP
SO40 4WQ
SO40 4WR
SO40 4WS
SO40 4WT
SO40 4WU
SO40 4WW
SO40 4WX
SO40 4WY
SO40 4WZ
SO40 4XA
SO40 4XB
SO40 4XD
SO40 4XE
SO40 4XF
SO40 4XG
SO40 4XH
SO40 4XJ
SO40 4XL
SO40 4XN
SO40 4XP
SO40 4XQ
SO40 4XR
SO40 4XS
SO40 4XT
SO40 4XU
SO40 4XW
SO40 4XX
SO40 4XY
SO40 4XZ
SO40 4YA
SO40 4YB
SO40 4YD
SO40 4YE
SO40 4YF
SO40 4YG
SO40 4YH
SO40 4YJ
SO40 4YL
SO40 4YN
SO40 4YP
SO40 4YQ
SO40 4YR
SO40 4YS
SO40 4YT
SO40 4YU
SO40 4YW
SO40 4YX
SO40 4YY
SO40 4YZ
SO40 4ZD
SO40 4ZE
SO40 4ZG
SO40 4ZH