We organise UK open data by location and signpost the source.

Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

SE16 6AB
SE16 6AD
SE16 6AE
SE16 6AF
SE16 6AG
SE16 6AH
SE16 6AJ
SE16 6AL
SE16 6AN
SE16 6AP
SE16 6AQ
SE16 6AR
SE16 6AT
SE16 6AU
SE16 6AW
SE16 6AX
SE16 6AY
SE16 6AZ
SE16 6BA
SE16 6BB
SE16 6BD
SE16 6BE
SE16 6BF
SE16 6BG
SE16 6BS
SE16 6BT
SE16 6BU
SE16 6BX
SE16 6BY
SE16 6BZ
SE16 6DF
SE16 6DJ
SE16 6DN
SE16 6DP
SE16 6DR
SE16 6DS
SE16 6DU
SE16 6DW
SE16 6DX
SE16 6HN
SE16 6HP
SE16 6HR
SE16 6HS
SE16 6HW
SE16 6HZ
SE16 6LD
SE16 6NA
SE16 6NF
SE16 6NN
SE16 6NQ
SE16 6NR
SE16 6NS
SE16 6NT
SE16 6NU
SE16 6PA
SE16 6PE
SE16 6PG
SE16 6PJ
SE16 6PL
SE16 6PN
SE16 6PP
SE16 6PQ
SE16 6PR
SE16 6PS
SE16 6PT
SE16 6PU
SE16 6PW
SE16 6PX
SE16 6PY
SE16 6PZ
SE16 6QA
SE16 6QB
SE16 6QD
SE16 6QE
SE16 6QG
SE16 6QH
SE16 6QJ
SE16 6QL
SE16 6QN
SE16 6QQ
SE16 6QW
SE16 6RF
SE16 6RG
SE16 6RH
SE16 6RJ
SE16 6RL
SE16 6RN
SE16 6RS
SE16 6RT
SE16 6RU
SE16 6RX
SE16 6RZ
SE16 6SA
SE16 6SB
SE16 6SD
SE16 6SE
SE16 6SF
SE16 6SG
SE16 6SH
SE16 6SJ
SE16 6SL
SE16 6SN
SE16 6SP
SE16 6SQ
SE16 6SR
SE16 6SS
SE16 6SW
SE16 6XA
SE16 6XB
SE16 6XD
SE16 6XE
SE16 6XF
SE16 6XG
SE16 6YF
SE16 6YG
SE16 6YH
SE16 6YJ
SE16 6YL
SE16 6YN
SE16 6YP
SE16 6YQ
SE16 6YR