We organise UK open data by location and signpost the source.

Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

SE16 5AA
SE16 5AB
SE16 5AD
SE16 5AE
SE16 5BW
SE16 5DJ
SE16 5DS
SE16 5DU
SE16 5DW
SE16 5DX
SE16 5DY
SE16 5DZ
SE16 5EA
SE16 5EB
SE16 5ED
SE16 5EE
SE16 5EF
SE16 5EG
SE16 5EH
SE16 5EJ
SE16 5EL
SE16 5EN
SE16 5EP
SE16 5EQ
SE16 5ER
SE16 5ES
SE16 5ET
SE16 5EW
SE16 5EX
SE16 5EY
SE16 5FS
SE16 5FT
SE16 5FX
SE16 5FZ
SE16 5GA
SE16 5GB
SE16 5GD
SE16 5GE
SE16 5GW
SE16 5GX
SE16 5GY
SE16 5GZ
SE16 5HA
SE16 5HB
SE16 5HD
SE16 5HE
SE16 5HF
SE16 5HG
SE16 5HH
SE16 5HJ
SE16 5HL
SE16 5HT
SE16 5HU
SE16 5HW
SE16 5LH
SE16 5LJ
SE16 5LQ
SE16 5ND
SE16 5NE
SE16 5NG
SE16 5NH
SE16 5NJ
SE16 5NL
SE16 5NW
SE16 5NY
SE16 5NZ
SE16 5PB
SE16 5PD
SE16 5PF
SE16 5PH
SE16 5PN
SE16 5PP
SE16 5PQ
SE16 5PR
SE16 5QF
SE16 5QH
SE16 5QJ
SE16 5QL
SE16 5QN
SE16 5QQ
SE16 5QR
SE16 5QS
SE16 5QT
SE16 5QU
SE16 5QW
SE16 5QX
SE16 5QY
SE16 5RB
SE16 5RD
SE16 5RE
SE16 5RF
SE16 5RG
SE16 5RH
SE16 5RJ
SE16 5RL
SE16 5RN
SE16 5RQ
SE16 5SH
SE16 5SJ
SE16 5SL
SE16 5SN
SE16 5SP
SE16 5SQ
SE16 5SR
SE16 5SS
SE16 5ST
SE16 5SU
SE16 5SW
SE16 5SX
SE16 5SY
SE16 5SZ
SE16 5UA
SE16 5UB
SE16 5UD
SE16 5UH
SE16 5UJ
SE16 5UL
SE16 5UN
SE16 5UP
SE16 5UW
SE16 5XH
SE16 5XJ
SE16 5XL
SE16 5XN
SE16 5XP
SE16 5XR
SE16 5XS
SE16 5XW
SE16 5XX
SE16 5ZH