We organise UK open data by location and signpost the source.

Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

SE15 4AA
SE15 4AB
SE15 4AD
SE15 4AE
SE15 4AF
SE15 4AG
SE15 4AH
SE15 4AJ
SE15 4AL
SE15 4AN
SE15 4AP
SE15 4AQ
SE15 4AR
SE15 4AW
SE15 4AX
SE15 4BD
SE15 4BE
SE15 4BF
SE15 4BG
SE15 4BH
SE15 4BJ
SE15 4BN
SE15 4BP
SE15 4BQ
SE15 4BS
SE15 4BT
SE15 4BU
SE15 4BW
SE15 4BX
SE15 4BY
SE15 4BZ
SE15 4DA
SE15 4DB
SE15 4DD
SE15 4DE
SE15 4DF
SE15 4DG
SE15 4DH
SE15 4DJ
SE15 4DQ
SE15 4DX
SE15 4DY
SE15 4DZ
SE15 4EA
SE15 4EB
SE15 4ED
SE15 4EE
SE15 4EF
SE15 4EG
SE15 4EL
SE15 4EN
SE15 4EQ
SE15 4EY
SE15 4HA
SE15 4HF
SE15 4HG
SE15 4HH
SE15 4HJ
SE15 4HL
SE15 4HN
SE15 4HP
SE15 4HQ
SE15 4HR
SE15 4HS
SE15 4HT
SE15 4HU
SE15 4HW
SE15 4HX
SE15 4HY
SE15 4HZ
SE15 4JA
SE15 4JB
SE15 4JD
SE15 4JF
SE15 4JJ
SE15 4JP
SE15 4JR
SE15 4JS
SE15 4JT
SE15 4JU
SE15 4JX
SE15 4JY
SE15 4JZ
SE15 4LA
SE15 4LB
SE15 4LD
SE15 4LE
SE15 4LF
SE15 4LJ
SE15 4LL
SE15 4LN
SE15 4LQ
SE15 4LW
SE15 4NB
SE15 4NF
SE15 4NL
SE15 4NP
SE15 4NQ
SE15 4NR
SE15 4NS
SE15 4NT
SE15 4NW
SE15 4NX
SE15 4NY
SE15 4NZ
SE15 4PA
SE15 4PB
SE15 4PD
SE15 4PE
SE15 4PF
SE15 4PH
SE15 4PQ
SE15 4PR
SE15 4PT
SE15 4PU
SE15 4PW
SE15 4PY
SE15 4QJ
SE15 4QL
SE15 4QN
SE15 4QR
SE15 4QS
SE15 4QW
SE15 4QY
SE15 4RA
SE15 4RB
SE15 4RE
SE15 4RF
SE15 4RG
SE15 4RJ
SE15 4RQ
SE15 4RW
SE15 4RX
SE15 4RY
SE15 4RZ
SE15 4SE
SE15 4SF
SE15 4SH
SE15 4SJ
SE15 4ST
SE15 4TG
SE15 4TL
SE15 4TP
SE15 4TW
SE15 4TY
SE15 4UA
SE15 4UF
SE15 4UG
SE15 4UH
SE15 4UJ
SE15 4UN
SE15 4UP
SE15 4UQ
SE15 4UR
SE15 4YY