We organise UK open data by location and signpost the source.

Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

S66 3AA
S66 3LE
S66 3LF
S66 3PA
S66 3PH
S66 3PJ
S66 3PL
S66 3PN
S66 3PP
S66 3PR
S66 3PS
S66 3PW
S66 3QA
S66 3QB
S66 3QD
S66 3QE
S66 3QF
S66 3QG
S66 3QH
S66 3QJ
S66 3QL
S66 3QN
S66 3QP
S66 3QQ
S66 3QR
S66 3QS
S66 3QT
S66 3QU
S66 3QW
S66 3QX
S66 3QY
S66 3QZ
S66 3RA
S66 3RB
S66 3RD
S66 3RE
S66 3RF
S66 3RG
S66 3RH
S66 3RJ
S66 3RL
S66 3RN
S66 3RP
S66 3RQ
S66 3RR
S66 3RS
S66 3RT
S66 3RU
S66 3RW
S66 3RX
S66 3RY
S66 3RZ
S66 3SA
S66 3SB
S66 3SD
S66 3SE
S66 3SG
S66 3SH
S66 3TB
S66 3WA
S66 3WQ
S66 3XA
S66 3XB
S66 3XD
S66 3XE
S66 3XH
S66 3XJ
S66 3XN
S66 3XP
S66 3XQ
S66 3XR
S66 3XS
S66 3XT
S66 3XU
S66 3XX
S66 3XY
S66 3XZ
S66 3YB
S66 3YD
S66 3YE
S66 3YF
S66 3YH
S66 3YJ
S66 3YL
S66 3YQ
S66 3YR
S66 3YS
S66 3YT
S66 3YU
S66 3YW
S66 3YX
S66 3YY
S66 3YZ
S66 3ZA
S66 3ZB
S66 3ZD
S66 3ZE
S66 3ZF
S66 3ZG
S66 3ZH
S66 3ZJ
S66 3ZL
S66 3ZN
S66 3ZP
S66 3ZQ
S66 3ZS
S66 3ZT
S66 3ZU
S66 3ZW
S66 3ZX
S66 3ZY