We organise UK open data by location and signpost the source.

Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

NE30 1AD
NE30 1AF
NE30 1AG
NE30 1AH
NE30 1AL
NE30 1AP
NE30 1AR
NE30 1AU
NE30 1AW
NE30 1AX
NE30 1AY
NE30 1AZ
NE30 1BA
NE30 1BD
NE30 1BE
NE30 1BF
NE30 1BN
NE30 1BP
NE30 1BS
NE30 1BT
NE30 1BU
NE30 1BW
NE30 1BX
NE30 1BZ
NE30 1DA
NE30 1DB
NE30 1DD
NE30 1DE
NE30 1DJ
NE30 1DL
NE30 1DP
NE30 1DQ
NE30 1DR
NE30 1DS
NE30 1DT
NE30 1DW
NE30 1DX
NE30 1DY
NE30 1ED
NE30 1EE
NE30 1EF
NE30 1EG
NE30 1EH
NE30 1EL
NE30 1EP
NE30 1ER
NE30 1ES
NE30 1ET
NE30 1EW
NE30 1HB
NE30 1HE
NE30 1HF
NE30 1HJ
NE30 1HN
NE30 1HR
NE30 1JA
NE30 1JE
NE30 1JG
NE30 1JH
NE30 1JP
NE30 1JS
NE30 1JU
NE30 1JW
NE30 1JX
NE30 1JZ
NE30 1LA
NE30 1LJ
NE30 1LL
NE30 1LZ
NE30 1NA
NE30 1ND
NE30 1NE
NE30 1NF
NE30 1NG
NE30 1NH
NE30 1NL
NE30 1NQ
NE30 1NR
NE30 1NS
NE30 1NT
NE30 1NX
NE30 1NY
NE30 1NZ
NE30 1PD
NE30 1PG
NE30 1PQ
NE30 1PT
NE30 1PU
NE30 1PW
NE30 1PX
NE30 1QA
NE30 1QD
NE30 1QG
NE30 1QP
NE30 1QQ
NE30 1QU
NE30 1QX
NE30 1SE