We organise UK open data by location and signpost the source.

Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

BH23 9BF
BH23 9ER
BH23 9FA
BH23 9GX
BH23 9HE
BH23 9HH
BH23 9HJ
BH23 9HN
BH23 9HZ
BH23 9JD
BH23 9JH
BH23 9JP
BH23 9JQ
BH23 9JS
BH23 9JU
BH23 9JW
BH23 9LD
BH23 9LL
BH23 9LN
BH23 9LP
BH23 9LT
BH23 9LU
BH23 9LW
BH23 9LY
BH23 9LZ
BH23 9NA
BH23 9NB
BH23 9ND
BH23 9NE
BH23 9NF
BH23 9SA
BH23 9SB
BH23 9SD
BH23 9SE
BH23 9SF
BH23 9SG
BH23 9SH
BH23 9SJ
BH23 9SL
BH23 9SN
BH23 9SP
BH23 9ZJ
BH23 9ZZ