Open Units

Open dataset containing units of alcohol in branded drinks in a variety of standard servings.


The UK standard measure of alcohol content is a unit - 10ml of pure alcohol. Official advice regarding safe levels of consumption is based around units. So it is important that the public know how many units are in the drinks they consume.

Open Units lists over 1,000 standard servings of branded drinks (e.g. 1 pint of Punk IPA, 275ml bottle of Beck's lager) and specifies the alcohol content in units.

The dataset is released as open data, which means it can be freely integrated into websites and apps, as well as incorporated into bigger and better datasets.



Filename: open_units.csv


Open Units by GetTheData Publishing Limited is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

You can use the data for any purpose - including commercial - but you must include an attribution to Open Units, and display a link back to this page.

This is to ensure that the data is disseminated as widely as possible - and does the greatest good!

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Open Units was compiled by GetTheData Publishing Limited based on information made public by drinks manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Please email us with any corrections or additions!


Field Example Description
Product St Austell Proper Job The name the product is known by. Typically includes the brand.
Brand St Austell The brand under which the product is marketed. One brand may contain multiple products.
Category Beer Category of alcoholic drink.
Style IPA Style of drink within the category.
Quantity 1 Quantity of Quantity Units in this serving.
Quantity Units pint A measure of liquid volume to which Quantity relates. Not to be confused with Units of Alcohol!
Volume 568ml Volume of liquid in ml.
Package draught The packaging of this serving, e.g. bottle, can, draught.
ABV 4.5% Percentage of alcohol by volume.
Units of Alcohol 2.6 Units of alcohol rounded to one decimal place.
Units (4 Decimal Places) 2.5560 Units of alcohol rounded to four decimal places.
Units per 100ml 0.45 Units of alcohol in each 100ml of liquid.

Example application: How many units in...?

The example below structures the data in such a way that it can easily be understood by voice search.

So a user may ask their speech-enabled device:

How many units in a pint of Sierra Nevada?

The data structure allows the device to easily retrieve and understand the answer, without confusing a pint of Sierra Nevada with a bottle (which contains less liquid but at a higher ABV).

If you click into the product page, there is also a simple diagram displaying the number of servings which can be consumed within the Chief Medical Officers' 14 unit weekly guidelines.


Beer > Abbey Beer

Beer > Ale

Beer > Amber Ale

Beer > Barley Wine

Beer > Beer

Beer > Bitter

Beer > Blonde Ale

Beer > Brown Ale

Beer > Dark Ale

Beer > Fruit Beer

Beer > Golden Ale

Beer > Gose

Beer > IPA

Beer > Lager

Beer > Light Ale

Beer > Pale Ale

Beer > Porter

Beer > Red Ale

Beer > Rye Beer

Beer > Saison

Beer > Sour Beer

Beer > Steam Beer

Beer > Stout

Beer > Summer Ale

Beer > Wheat Beer

Beer > Winter Ale


Cider > Apple Wine

Cider > Fruit Cider

Cider > Mulled Cider

Cider > Perry