Borden Flood Map

Map of Borden (Sittingbourne, Kent) flood risk areas, which includes areas of very low flood risk, plotted on a Borden flood map.

Very Low
IMPORTANT: We have taken a single point within a Borden postcode using Open Postcode Geo and identified the flood risk area which that point falls within. There maybe other points within the postcode which fall into a different area, and hence have a different risk level.

Flood maps for other places near Borden

Harman's Corner flood map403 m
Key Street flood map1.2 km
Chalkwell flood map1.5 km
Chestnut Street flood map1.6 km
Grove Park flood map1.6 km
Bobbing flood map1.9 km
Danaway flood map2.2 km
Sittingbourne flood map2.3 km
Milton Regis flood map2.9 km
Highsted flood map3.0 km

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