ME15 0RY Flood Risk Map

ME15 0RY is in a no flood risk area. The nearest low flood risk area is 358 metres away in ME15 0SA. Map of ME15 0RY, surrounding postcodes, and their flood risks.

Important: We have taken a single point within ME15 0RY using Open Postcode Geo and identified the flood risk area which that point falls within. There maybe other points within the postcode which fall into a different area, and hence have a different risk level.

Nearest flood risk to ME15 0RY by risk level

Flood Risk Postcode Distance Flood Map
ME15 0SB574mME15 0SB flood map
ME15 0SH553mME15 0SH flood map
ME15 0SA358mME15 0SA flood map
Very Low
TN12 5NL5.4kmTN12 5NL flood map

ME15 0RY geodata


Flood maps for places near ME15 0RY

Hunton flood map474 m
Benover flood map1.5 km
Congelow flood map1.7 km
Yalding flood map2.0 km
Chainhurst flood map2.1 km
Mockbeggar flood map2.3 km
Laddingford flood map2.7 km
Haviker Street flood map2.9 km
Collier Street flood map3.1 km
Nettlestead Green flood map3.8 km