DT2 8XJ Flood Risk Map

Last Update July 10th, 2020 - DT2 8XJ is in a no flood risk area. The nearest low flood risk area is 359 metres away in DT2 8DZ. Map of DT2 8XJ, surrounding postcodes, and their flood risks.

Important: We have taken a single point within DT2 8XJ using Open Postcode Geo and identified the flood risk area which that point falls within. There maybe other points within the postcode which fall into a different area, and hence have a different risk level.

Nearest flood risk to DT2 8XJ by risk level

Flood Risk Postcode Distance Flood Map
BH20 6HQ2kmBH20 6HQ flood map
BH20 6BL2.1kmBH20 6BL flood map
DT2 8DZ359mDT2 8DZ flood map
Very Low
DT3 6BT12.7kmDT3 6BT flood map

DT2 8XJ geodata


Flood maps for places near DT2 8XJ

East Burton flood map738 m
Braytown flood map1.5 km
East Knighton flood map1.9 km
Blacknoll flood map2.1 km
Wool flood map2.3 km
Portway flood map2.5 km
Winfrith Newburgh flood map2.8 km
Moreton flood map4.2 km
Hurst flood map4.5 km
Stokeford flood map4.6 km