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The Jolly Butcher - nearest bus stops (map)

The nearest bus stop to The Jolly Butcher is 155 metres away. This stop is called Altrincham Rd/Shady Ln and is located on Altrincham Rd. There are 61 bus stops within 1km of The Jolly Butcher. The Jolly Butcher is a pub, bar or nightclub at 80 Petersfield Drive, Manchester, M23 9PS.


Nearest bus stops to The Jolly Butcher

Altrincham Rd/Shady Ln (Altrincham Rd)Brooklands155m
Altrincham Rd/Shady Ln (Altrincham Rd)Brooklands170m
Altrincham Rd/Ferndown Rd (Altrincham Rd)Brooklands216m
Ferndown Road/Altrincham Road (Ferndown Road)Brooklands220m
Ferndown Rd/Altrincham Rd (Ferndown Rd)Brooklands260m
Altrincham Rd/Ferndown Rd (Altrincham Rd)Brooklands275m
Wendover Rd/Sandilands Sch (Wendover Rd)Brooklands365m
Wythenshawe Rd/Briarwood Ave (Wythenshawe Rd)Brooklands393m
Ferndown Rd/Wythenshawe Rd (Ferndown Rd)Brooklands397m
Stockport Road/Stelfox Avenue (Stockport Road)Timperley412m

Source: NaPTAN
Licence: Open Government Licence

The Jolly Butcher geodata

Address80 Petersfield Drive, Manchester
PostcodeM23 9PS

Source: Open Pubs
Licence: FSA terms & conditions

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