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Shakespeare Inn - nearest bus stops (map)

The nearest bus stop to Shakespeare Inn is 59 metres away. This stop is called Shakespeare Inn and is located on London Road. There are 15 bus stops within 1km of Shakespeare Inn. Shakespeare Inn is a pub, bar or nightclub at 117 London Road, Shardlow, Derby, Derbyshire, DE72 2GP.


Nearest bus stops to Shakespeare Inn

Shakespeare Inn (London Road)Shardlow59m
Shakespeare Inn (London Road)Shardlow83m
Dog And Duck (London Road)Shardlow173m
Dog And Duck (London Road)Shardlow284m
Clock Warehouse (London Road)Shardlow301m
Clock Warehouse (London Road)Shardlow318m
Aston LaneShardlow362m
Primary School (London Road)Shardlow516m
Primary School (London Road)Shardlow537m
Navigation Inn (London Road)Shardlow676m

Source: NaPTAN
Licence: Open Government Licence

Shakespeare Inn geodata

Address117 London Road, Shardlow, Derby, Derbyshire
PostcodeDE72 2GP
AuthoritySouth Derbyshire

Source: Open Pubs
Licence: FSA terms & conditions

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