Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

WS12 1AA
WS12 1AB
WS12 1AD
WS12 1AF
WS12 1AG
WS12 1AJ
WS12 1AN
WS12 1AP
WS12 1AQ
WS12 1AR
WS12 1AS
WS12 1AT
WS12 1AW
WS12 1AX
WS12 1AY
WS12 1AZ
WS12 1BA
WS12 1BB
WS12 1BD
WS12 1BE
WS12 1BF
WS12 1BG
WS12 1BH
WS12 1BJ
WS12 1BL
WS12 1BN
WS12 1BP
WS12 1BQ
WS12 1BS
WS12 1BT
WS12 1BW
WS12 1BX
WS12 1BY
WS12 1DA
WS12 1DB
WS12 1DD
WS12 1DE
WS12 1DF
WS12 1DG
WS12 1DH
WS12 1DJ
WS12 1DN
WS12 1DP
WS12 1DQ
WS12 1DR
WS12 1DS
WS12 1DT
WS12 1DU
WS12 1DW
WS12 1DX
WS12 1DY
WS12 1DZ
WS12 1EA
WS12 1GH
WS12 1HT
WS12 1HY
WS12 1HZ
WS12 1JA
WS12 1JB
WS12 1JD
WS12 1JE
WS12 1JF
WS12 1JG
WS12 1JQ
WS12 1LA
WS12 1LB
WS12 1LD
WS12 1LE
WS12 1LF
WS12 1LG
WS12 1LH
WS12 1LJ
WS12 1LL
WS12 1LN
WS12 1LQ
WS12 1LR
WS12 1LT
WS12 1LU
WS12 1LW
WS12 1LZ
WS12 1NA
WS12 1NB
WS12 1ND
WS12 1NN
WS12 1NP
WS12 1NR
WS12 1NS
WS12 1NT
WS12 1NY
WS12 1PA
WS12 1PB
WS12 1QJ
WS12 1QL
WS12 1QP
WS12 1QQ
WS12 1QR
WS12 1QW
WS12 1QY
WS12 1RA
WS12 1RB
WS12 1RD
WS12 1RE
WS12 1RF
WS12 1RQ
WS12 1TA
WS12 1TB
WS12 1TD
WS12 1TH
WS12 1UA
WS12 1UB
WS12 1UD
WS12 1UE
WS12 1UF
WS12 1UG
WS12 1UH
WS12 1UJ
WS12 1UQ