Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

SO40 2AU
SO40 2AW
SO40 2AX
SO40 2AY
SO40 2AZ
SO40 2BB
SO40 2BE
SO40 2BF
SO40 2BG
SO40 2BH
SO40 2BJ
SO40 2BL
SO40 2BN
SO40 2BP
SO40 2BQ
SO40 2FF
SO40 2FH
SO40 2FQ
SO40 2GF
SO40 2GJ
SO40 2GL
SO40 2GN
SO40 2GP
SO40 2GQ
SO40 2GR
SO40 2GT
SO40 2GU
SO40 2GZ
SO40 2HA
SO40 2HB
SO40 2HD
SO40 2HE
SO40 2HF
SO40 2HG
SO40 2HH
SO40 2HJ
SO40 2HL
SO40 2HN
SO40 2HP
SO40 2HQ
SO40 2HR
SO40 2LB
SO40 2LF
SO40 2LG
SO40 2LH
SO40 2LJ
SO40 2LL
SO40 2LN
SO40 2LP
SO40 2LQ
SO40 2LR
SO40 2LS
SO40 2LU
SO40 2LW
SO40 2LX
SO40 2LY
SO40 2LZ
SO40 2NA
SO40 2NB
SO40 2ND
SO40 2NE
SO40 2NF
SO40 2NG
SO40 2NH
SO40 2NJ
SO40 2NL
SO40 2NN
SO40 2NP
SO40 2NQ
SO40 2NR
SO40 2NS
SO40 2NT
SO40 2NU
SO40 2NW
SO40 2NX
SO40 2NY
SO40 2NZ
SO40 2PA
SO40 2PB
SO40 2PD
SO40 2PE
SO40 2PF
SO40 2PG
SO40 2PH
SO40 2PJ
SO40 2PL
SO40 2PN
SO40 2PP
SO40 2PQ
SO40 2PR
SO40 2PZ
SO40 2QA
SO40 2QB
SO40 2QD
SO40 2QE
SO40 2QF
SO40 2QG
SO40 2QH
SO40 2QJ
SO40 2QL
SO40 2QN
SO40 2QP
SO40 2QQ
SO40 2QR
SO40 2QS
SO40 2QT
SO40 2QU
SO40 2QW
SO40 2QX
SO40 2QY
SO40 2QZ
SO40 2RA
SO40 2RB
SO40 2RD
SO40 2RE
SO40 2RF
SO40 2RG
SO40 2RH
SO40 2RJ
SO40 2RL
SO40 2RN
SO40 2RP
SO40 2RQ
SO40 2RR
SO40 2RS
SO40 2RT
SO40 2RU
SO40 2RW
SO40 2RX
SO40 2RY
SO40 2RZ
SO40 2SA
SO40 2SB
SO40 2SD
SO40 2SE
SO40 2SF
SO40 2SG
SO40 2SH
SO40 2SJ
SO40 2SL
SO40 2SN
SO40 2SP
SO40 2SQ
SO40 2SR
SO40 2SS
SO40 2ST
SO40 2SU
SO40 2SX
SO40 2SY
SO40 2SZ
SO40 2TA
SO40 2TB
SO40 2TD
SO40 2TE
SO40 2TH
SO40 2TJ
SO40 2TL
SO40 2TN
SO40 2TP
SO40 2TW
SO40 2UJ
SO40 2UL
SO40 2UN
SO40 2UP
SO40 2UQ
SO40 2UR
SO40 2UT
SO40 2UU
SO40 2UW
SO40 2UX
SO40 2UY
SO40 2UZ
SO40 2WA
SO40 2WB
SO40 2WD
SO40 2WL
SO40 2ZU
SO40 2ZW
SO40 2ZX
SO40 2ZZ