Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

SO18 4AR
SO18 4AS
SO18 4EE
SO18 4EF
SO18 4EG
SO18 4EH
SO18 4EJ
SO18 4EL
SO18 4EN
SO18 4EP
SO18 4EQ
SO18 4ER
SO18 4ES
SO18 4ET
SO18 4EU
SO18 4EW
SO18 4EX
SO18 4EY
SO18 4EZ
SO18 4FB
SO18 4FD
SO18 4FE
SO18 4FF
SO18 4FG
SO18 4FH
SO18 4FJ
SO18 4FL
SO18 4FN
SO18 4FP
SO18 4FQ
SO18 4FR
SO18 4GP
SO18 4GU
SO18 4GW
SO18 4GX
SO18 4GY
SO18 4GZ
SO18 4HA
SO18 4HB
SO18 4HD
SO18 4HE
SO18 4HF
SO18 4HH
SO18 4HP
SO18 4HQ
SO18 4HR
SO18 4HS
SO18 4HT
SO18 4HU
SO18 4HW
SO18 4HX
SO18 4HY
SO18 4JR
SO18 4JU
SO18 4PP
SO18 4PQ
SO18 4PR
SO18 4QA
SO18 4QD
SO18 4QE
SO18 4QF
SO18 4QG
SO18 4QH
SO18 4QJ
SO18 4QL
SO18 4QN
SO18 4RA
SO18 4RF
SO18 4RG
SO18 4RH
SO18 4RJ
SO18 4RL
SO18 4RN
SO18 4RP
SO18 4RQ
SO18 4RR
SO18 4RS
SO18 4RT
SO18 4RU
SO18 4RW
SO18 4RX
SO18 4RY
SO18 4RZ
SO18 4SA
SO18 4SB
SO18 4SD
SO18 4SE
SO18 4SF
SO18 4SG
SO18 4SH
SO18 4SJ
SO18 4SL
SO18 4SN
SO18 4SP
SO18 4SQ
SO18 4SR
SO18 4SS
SO18 4ST
SO18 4SU
SO18 4SW
SO18 4SX
SO18 4SY
SO18 4SZ
SO18 4TA
SO18 4TB
SO18 4TD
SO18 4TQ
SO18 4TS
SO18 4UF