Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

SO14 6BB
SO14 6BD
SO14 6FH
SO14 6FJ
SO14 6FL
SO14 6FN
SO14 6FP
SO14 6FR
SO14 6FS
SO14 6FT
SO14 6FU
SO14 6FW
SO14 6FX
SO14 6FZ
SO14 6GA
SO14 6GB
SO14 6GD
SO14 6GE
SO14 6GF
SO14 6GG
SO14 6GH
SO14 6GJ
SO14 6GL
SO14 6GN
SO14 6GP
SO14 6GQ
SO14 6GR
SO14 6GS
SO14 6GT
SO14 6GU
SO14 6GW
SO14 6GX
SO14 6GY
SO14 6GZ
SO14 6HA
SO14 6HB
SO14 6HD
SO14 6HE
SO14 6HF
SO14 6HG
SO14 6HH
SO14 6HJ
SO14 6HL
SO14 6HN
SO14 6HP
SO14 6HQ
SO14 6HR
SO14 6HS
SO14 6HT
SO14 6HU
SO14 6HW
SO14 6HX
SO14 6HY
SO14 6HZ
SO14 6JA
SO14 6QJ
SO14 6QQ
SO14 6QR
SO14 6QS
SO14 6QT
SO14 6QU
SO14 6QW
SO14 6QX
SO14 6QY
SO14 6QZ
SO14 6RA
SO14 6RB
SO14 6RD
SO14 6RE
SO14 6RF
SO14 6RG
SO14 6RH
SO14 6RJ
SO14 6RL
SO14 6RN
SO14 6RP
SO14 6RQ
SO14 6RR
SO14 6RS
SO14 6RT
SO14 6RU
SO14 6RW
SO14 6RX
SO14 6RY
SO14 6RZ
SO14 6SA
SO14 6SB
SO14 6SD
SO14 6SE
SO14 6SF
SO14 6SG
SO14 6SH
SO14 6SJ
SO14 6SL
SO14 6SX
SO14 6SY
SO14 6TA
SO14 6TB
SO14 6TE
SO14 6TF
SO14 6TG
SO14 6TH
SO14 6TL
SO14 6TP
SO14 6TQ
SO14 6TR
SO14 6TS
SO14 6TT
SO14 6TU
SO14 6TW
SO14 6TX
SO14 6TY
SO14 6TZ
SO14 6UA
SO14 6UF
SO14 6UG
SO14 6UH
SO14 6UL
SO14 6UN
SO14 6UP
SO14 6UQ
SO14 6US
SO14 6UT
SO14 6UW
SO14 6UX
SO14 6UY
SO14 6WA
SO14 6WB
SO14 6WD
SO14 6WG
SO14 6WH
SO14 6WJ
SO14 6WL
SO14 6WN
SO14 6WP
SO14 6WQ