Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

SO14 5AD
SO14 5AE
SO14 5AG
SO14 5AH
SO14 5AP
SO14 5AY
SO14 5BD
SO14 5BE
SO14 5BF
SO14 5BJ
SO14 5BL
SO14 5BN
SO14 5BP
SO14 5BQ
SO14 5BR
SO14 5BS
SO14 5BT
SO14 5BU
SO14 5BW
SO14 5BX
SO14 5BY
SO14 5BZ
SO14 5DH
SO14 5DJ
SO14 5DL
SO14 5FB
SO14 5FD
SO14 5FE
SO14 5FF
SO14 5FH
SO14 5FJ
SO14 5FL
SO14 5FN
SO14 5FP
SO14 5FQ
SO14 5FR
SO14 5FZ
SO14 5GB
SO14 5GL
SO14 5GN
SO14 5GP
SO14 5GQ
SO14 5GZ
SO14 5JF
SO14 5JP
SO14 5QA
SO14 5QE
SO14 5QF
SO14 5QH
SO14 5QL
SO14 5QN
SO14 5QQ
SO14 5QR
SO14 5QS
SO14 5QT
SO14 5QU
SO14 5QW
SO14 5QY
SO14 5QZ
SO14 5RB
SO14 5RF
SO14 5RG
SO14 5RH
SO14 5RP
SO14 5RS
SO14 5RT
SO14 5RU
SO14 5RW
SO14 5RX
SO14 5RY
SO14 5RZ
SO14 5SA
SO14 5SB
SO14 5SD
SO14 5SE
SO14 5SF
SO14 5SG
SO14 5SH
SO14 5SJ
SO14 5SL
SO14 5SN
SO14 5SP
SO14 5SQ
SO14 5SR
SO14 5SS
SO14 5ST
SO14 5SU
SO14 5SW
SO14 5SX
SO14 5SY