PA49 7UU maps, stats, and open data

Last Update February 18th, 2019 - PA49 7UU is located in the Kintyre and the Islands electoral ward, within the council area of Argyll and Bute and the Scottish Parliamentary constituency of Argyll and Bute. The Community Health Partnership is Argyll and Bute Community Health Partnership and the police force is Scotland. This postcode has been in use since January 1980.

PA49 7UU maps

PA49 7UU map - OS OpenMap – Local (Ordnance Survey)
PA49 7UU map - OS VectorMap District (Ordnance Survey)

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Source: OS VectorMap District (Ordnance Survey)
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PA49 7UU geodata


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Where is PA49 7UU?

Postcode DistrictPA49
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WardKintyre And The Islands
ConstituencyArgyll And Bute


Broadband access in PA49 7UU (2020 data)

Percentage of properties with Next Generation Access100.0%
Percentage of properties with Superfast Broadband0.0%
Percentage of properties with Ultrafast Broadband0.0%
Percentage of properties with Full Fibre Broadband0.0%

Superfast Broadband is between 30Mbps and 300Mbps
Ultrafast Broadband is > 300Mbps

Broadband limitations in PA49 7UU (2020 data)

Percentage of properties unable to receive 2Mbps0.0%
Percentage of properties unable to receive 5Mbps0.0%
Percentage of properties unable to receive 10Mbps100.0%
Percentage of properties unable to receive 30Mbps100.0%

Source: Ofcom
Licence: Ofcom Terms of Use (requires attribution)


48.3% of Scottish postcodes are less deprived than PA49 7UU:

Nearest post box to PA49 7UU

 Last Collection 
Gruinart B End12:0012:003,008m
Blackrock B End12:1507:153,807m

PA49 7UU ITL and PA49 7UU LAU

The below table lists the International Territorial Level (ITL) codes (formerly Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) codes) and Local Administrative Units (LAU) codes for PA49 7UU:

ITL 1 CodeName
ITL 2 CodeName
TLM6Highlands and Islands
ITL 3 CodeName
TLM63Lochaber, Skye and Lochalsh, Arran and Cumbrae, and Argyll and Bute
LAU 1 CodeName
S30000035Argyll and Bute Islands

PA49 7UU census areas

The below table lists the Census Output Area (OA), Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA), and Middle Layer Super Output Area (MSOA) for PA49 7UU:

LSOAS01007325Whisky Isles - 02
MSOAS02001378Whisky Isles