Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

NN11 0FW
NN11 0FX
NN11 0GA
NN11 0GB
NN11 0GD
NN11 0GE
NN11 0GF
NN11 0GG
NN11 0GH
NN11 0GJ
NN11 0GL
NN11 0GN
NN11 0GP
NN11 0GQ
NN11 0GR
NN11 0GS
NN11 0GT
NN11 0GU
NN11 0GW
NN11 0GX
NN11 0GY
NN11 0JA
NN11 0LA
NN11 0LD
NN11 0NX
NN11 0NZ
NN11 0PE
NN11 0PF
NN11 0PN
NN11 0PP
NN11 0PQ
NN11 0PR
NN11 0PS
NN11 0PT
NN11 0PU
NN11 0PW
NN11 0PX
NN11 0PY
NN11 0PZ
NN11 0QA
NN11 0QB
NN11 0QE
NN11 0QF
NN11 0QW
NN11 0RE
NN11 0RF
NN11 0RG
NN11 0RH
NN11 0RW
NN11 0SB
NN11 0SD
NN11 0SE
NN11 0SF
NN11 0SG
NN11 0SH
NN11 0SL
NN11 0SN
NN11 0TF
NN11 0TH
NN11 0TJ
NN11 0TL
NN11 0TN
NN11 0TP
NN11 0TQ
NN11 0TR
NN11 0TS
NN11 0TT
NN11 0TU
NN11 0TX
NN11 0TY
NN11 0TZ
NN11 0UA
NN11 0UL
NN11 0UN
NN11 0WG
NN11 0WN
NN11 0WP
NN11 0WQ
NN11 0WR
NN11 0XA
NN11 0XB
NN11 0XE
NN11 0XF
NN11 0XG
NN11 0XH
NN11 0XJ
NN11 0XP
NN11 0XQ
NN11 0XR
NN11 0XS
NN11 0XT
NN11 0XY
NN11 0XZ
NN11 0YP