We organise UK open data by location and signpost the source.

Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

BN23 5AA
BN23 5AB
BN23 5AD
BN23 5AE
BN23 5AF
BN23 5AG
BN23 5AH
BN23 5AJ
BN23 5AN
BN23 5AP
BN23 5AQ
BN23 5AR
BN23 5AS
BN23 5AT
BN23 5AU
BN23 5AW
BN23 5AX
BN23 5AY
BN23 5BA
BN23 5BB
BN23 5BD
BN23 5BE
BN23 5BF
BN23 5BG
BN23 5BH
BN23 5BJ
BN23 5BL
BN23 5BN
BN23 5BP
BN23 5BT
BN23 5BU
BN23 5DA
BN23 5DB
BN23 5DD
BN23 5DE
BN23 5DF
BN23 5DG
BN23 5NA
BN23 5NB
BN23 5NE
BN23 5NF
BN23 5NH
BN23 5NJ
BN23 5NL
BN23 5NN
BN23 5NP
BN23 5PA
BN23 5PB
BN23 5PD
BN23 5PE
BN23 5PF
BN23 5PG
BN23 5PH
BN23 5PJ
BN23 5PL
BN23 5PN
BN23 5PP
BN23 5PQ
BN23 5PR
BN23 5PS
BN23 5PT
BN23 5PU
BN23 5PW
BN23 5PX
BN23 5PY
BN23 5PZ
BN23 5QA
BN23 5QB
BN23 5QD
BN23 5QE
BN23 5QF
BN23 5QG
BN23 5RA
BN23 5RB
BN23 5RD
BN23 5RH
BN23 5RJ
BN23 5RL
BN23 5RN
BN23 5RP
BN23 5RW
BN23 5SS
BN23 5ST
BN23 5SU
BN23 5SW
BN23 5SX
BN23 5SY
BN23 5SZ
BN23 5TA
BN23 5TB
BN23 5TD
BN23 5TE
BN23 5TG
BN23 5TH
BN23 5TJ
BN23 5TL
BN23 5TN
BN23 5TP
BN23 5TQ
BN23 5TR
BN23 5TS
BN23 5TT
BN23 5TU
BN23 5TW
BN23 5TX
BN23 5TY
BN23 5TZ
BN23 5UA
BN23 5UB
BN23 5UD
BN23 5UE
BN23 5UF
BN23 5UG
BN23 5UH
BN23 5UJ
BN23 5UL
BN23 5UN
BN23 5UP
BN23 5UQ
BN23 5UR
BN23 5UT
BN23 5UZ