We organise UK open data by location and signpost the source.

Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

AB56 5AA
AB56 5AB
AB56 5AD
AB56 5AE
AB56 5AF
AB56 5AG
AB56 5AJ
AB56 5AL
AB56 5AN
AB56 5AP
AB56 5AQ
AB56 5AR
AB56 5AS
AB56 5BA
AB56 5BB
AB56 5BD
AB56 5BE
AB56 5BF
AB56 5BG
AB56 5BH
AB56 5BJ
AB56 5BL
AB56 5BN
AB56 5BP
AB56 5BQ
AB56 5BR
AB56 5BS
AB56 5BU
AB56 5BW
AB56 5BX
AB56 5DR
AB56 5EH
AB56 5EL
AB56 5EN
AB56 5EP
AB56 5EQ
AB56 5ER
AB56 5ES
AB56 5ET
AB56 5EU
AB56 5EX
AB56 5EY
AB56 5GA
AB56 5HB
AB56 5HD
AB56 5HE
AB56 5HH
AB56 5HJ
AB56 5HL
AB56 5HN
AB56 5HP
AB56 5HQ
AB56 5HR
AB56 5HS
AB56 5HT
AB56 5HX
AB56 5JB
AB56 5JD
AB56 5JE
AB56 5JH
AB56 5JJ
AB56 5JL
AB56 5JN
AB56 5JP
AB56 5JQ
AB56 5JR
AB56 5JU
AB56 5JY
AB56 5LB
AB56 5LD
AB56 5LE
AB56 5PF
AB56 5PG
AB56 5QN
AB56 5QP
AB56 5QQ
AB56 5QR
AB56 5QS
AB56 5QT
AB56 5QW
AB56 5QX
AB56 5RA
AB56 5RB
AB56 5RD
AB56 5RE
AB56 5RF
AB56 5RG
AB56 5RH
AB56 5RJ
AB56 5RL
AB56 5RU
AB56 5RW
AB56 5RY
AB56 5RZ
AB56 5SE
AB56 5SF
AB56 5TL
AB56 5TP
AB56 5TQ
AB56 5TR
AB56 5TS
AB56 5TT
AB56 5TX
AB56 5UA
AB56 5UB
AB56 5UD
AB56 5UH
AB56 5UL
AB56 5UN
AB56 5UP
AB56 5UQ
AB56 5UR
AB56 5US
AB56 5UT
AB56 5UX
AB56 5XR
AB56 5XS
AB56 5XU
AB56 5XX
AB56 5YA
AB56 5YB
AB56 5YD
AB56 5YE
AB56 5YF
AB56 5YJ
AB56 5YL
AB56 5YN
AB56 5YR
AB56 5YS
AB56 5YT
AB56 5YU
AB56 5YX