We organise UK open data by location and signpost the source.

Things to do with postcodes

Enter a UK postcode to get deeplinks into databases and applications which return data or services based on your chosen postcode.

Try an example: SW1A 1AA

Or use the postcode drilldown below.

Postcode drilldown

AB15 6AA
AB15 6AB
AB15 6AD
AB15 6AE
AB15 6AF
AB15 6AH
AB15 6AJ
AB15 6AL
AB15 6AN
AB15 6AP
AB15 6AQ
AB15 6AR
AB15 6AS
AB15 6AT
AB15 6AU
AB15 6AW
AB15 6AX
AB15 6AY
AB15 6AZ
AB15 6BE
AB15 6BF
AB15 6BG
AB15 6BH
AB15 6BQ
AB15 6BR
AB15 6BS
AB15 6BT
AB15 6BU
AB15 6BW
AB15 6BY
AB15 6DD
AB15 6DF
AB15 6DG
AB15 6DH
AB15 6DJ
AB15 6DL
AB15 6DN
AB15 6DP
AB15 6DQ
AB15 6DR
AB15 6DS
AB15 6DT
AB15 6DU
AB15 6DW
AB15 6DY
AB15 6DZ
AB15 6EA
AB15 6EB
AB15 6ED
AB15 6EE
AB15 6EF
AB15 6EG
AB15 6EH
AB15 6EJ
AB15 6EL
AB15 6EN
AB15 6EP
AB15 6EQ
AB15 6ER
AB15 6ES
AB15 6ET
AB15 6EU
AB15 6EW
AB15 6EX
AB15 6EY
AB15 6EZ
AB15 6FD
AB15 6FE
AB15 6FR
AB15 6FS
AB15 6FT
AB15 6FY
AB15 6FZ
AB15 6GA
AB15 6GB
AB15 6GU
AB15 6GZ
AB15 6HA
AB15 6HB
AB15 6HD
AB15 6HE
AB15 6HF
AB15 6HG
AB15 6HH
AB15 6HJ
AB15 6HL
AB15 6HN
AB15 6HP
AB15 6HS
AB15 6HT
AB15 6HU
AB15 6HW
AB15 6HX
AB15 6HY
AB15 6HZ
AB15 6JB
AB15 6JD
AB15 6JE
AB15 6JF
AB15 6JG
AB15 6JH
AB15 6JJ
AB15 6JL
AB15 6JN
AB15 6JP
AB15 6JQ
AB15 6JR
AB15 6JS
AB15 6JT
AB15 6JU
AB15 6JW
AB15 6JX
AB15 6JY
AB15 6JZ
AB15 6LA
AB15 6LB
AB15 6LD
AB15 6LF
AB15 6LG
AB15 6LH
AB15 6LN
AB15 6LS
AB15 6LT
AB15 6LW
AB15 6LZ
AB15 6NA
AB15 6NB
AB15 6ND
AB15 6NE
AB15 6NF
AB15 6NG
AB15 6NH
AB15 6NJ
AB15 6NL
AB15 6NN
AB15 6NP
AB15 6NQ
AB15 6NR
AB15 6NS
AB15 6RE
AB15 6TT
AB15 6TU
AB15 6TW
AB15 6TZ
AB15 6UJ
AB15 6WA
AB15 6WF
AB15 6WG
AB15 6WH
AB15 6WJ
AB15 6WL
AB15 6WN
AB15 6WP
AB15 6WQ
AB15 6WT
AB15 6XH
AB15 6XL
AB15 6XN
AB15 6XS
AB15 6XZ
AB15 6YG
AB15 6YH
AB15 6YJ
AB15 6YL
AB15 6YN
AB15 6YP
AB15 6YQ
AB15 6YR
AB15 6YS
AB15 6YW
AB15 6YX