Active Life OpenActive Data Profile

This Data Profile summarises the data published by Active Life under the OpenActive initiate. The Data Profile includes fieldnames, data structure, datatypes, example values and more.


Total number of items0
Last fetched onThu 18th Aug 2022

Number of items by state

StateNumber of items

Data structure

The data structure is displayed as a series of paths. Each path can be a fieldname/value pair, or an array of variables. Note that the Opportunity Model allows for both within the same feed, so a path might be a fieldname/value pair for one item, and an array for another.

Special symbol [0] signifies a sequential array.


All data in the feed is extracted and analysed, and a profile produced on what is found. Note that this represents a point in time - the publisher may make changes to their feeds which would alter the data profile.


This feed does not appear to have any activities - there is no data/activity field present in any items.