Open Postcode Geo - South West


South West (E12000009) postcodes with easting, northing, latitude, and longitude.

With additional fields for geospace applications, including postcode area, postcode district, postcode sector, incode, outcode, and local authority.

Regional subset of Open Postcode Geo.


Free to use for any purpose - attribution required.

Open Postcode Geo - South West is derived from the ONS Postcode Directory which is licenced under the Open Government Licence and the Ordnance Survey OpenData Licence. You may use the additional fields provided by GetTheData without restriction.

For details of the required attribution statements see the ONS Licences page.



Filename: open_postcode_geo_south_west.csv


The current version of Open Postcode Geo - South West is derived from the August 2023 ONS Postcode Directory release.


Field Possible Values Comments
postcode [outcode][space][incode] Standard UK postcode.
status live
Terminated postcodes are no longer in use.
usertype small
Large usertypes may not be geographic.
easting int
northing int
positional_quality_indicator int See Positional Quality Indicator below
country England
Northern Ireland
Channel Islands
Isle of Man
latitude decimal
longitude decimal
postcode_no_space [outcode][incode] Postcode with space removed.
postcode_fixed_width_seven See comments Outcode and incode separated by zero, one, or two spaces. Incode right aligned. Always seven characters in total.
postcode_fixed_width_eight See comments Outcode and incode separated by one, two or three spaces. Incode right aligned. Always eight characters in total.
postcode_area [A-Z]{1,2} One or two letters.
postcode_district [outcode]
postcode_sector [outcode][space][number]
outcode [outcode]
incode [incode]
local_authority_code string Local authority code.
local_authority_name string Local authority name.

Positional Quality Indicator

Shows the status of the assigned grid reference.

  1. Within the building of the matched address closest to the postcode mean.
  2. As for status value 1, except by visual inspection of Landline maps (Scotland only).
  3. Approximate to within 50 metres.
  4. Postcode unit mean (mean of matched addresses with the same postcode, but not snapped to a building).
  5. Imputed by ONS, by reference to surrounding postcode grid references.
  6. Postcode sector mean, (mainly PO Boxes).
  7. Not used.
  8. Postcode terminated prior to Gridlink® initiative, last known ONS postcode grid reference.
  9. No grid reference available.