Greenside Close (CB24) crime reports, crime data, crime map

Last Update Jan 21th, 2019 - Data on 2 crime reports on or near Greenside Close in CB24. Crime map showing how Greenside Close compares to neighbouring streets. Click a street for data on that street.

Month Location Crime Outcome
July 2018On or near Greenside CloseBurglaryInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
September 2017On or near Greenside CloseVehicle crimeInvestigation complete; no suspect identified

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Hobbledodds Close crime map7117m
Thistle Green crime map15195m
Chantry Close crime map12214m
Black Horse Lane crime map6239m
Market Street crime map27272m
Moat Way crime map22308m
Priory Avenue crime map16332m
Chequers Court crime map7367m
Whitegate Close crime map16434m
Middle Watch crime map25482m

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