Cartier Close (WA5) crime reports, crime data, crime map

Last Update Jan 21th, 2019 - Data on 3 crime reports on or near Cartier Close in WA5. Crime map showing how Cartier Close compares to neighbouring streets. Click a street for data on that street.


Month Location Crime Outcome
June 2018On or near Cartier CloseBurglaryInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
June 2017On or near Cartier CloseBurglaryUnable to prosecute suspect
December 2016On or near Cartier CloseVehicle crimeInvestigation complete; no suspect identified

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Cabot Close crime map1201m
Tasman Close crime map20201m
Garwood Close crime map19220m
Nares Close crime map36221m
Vincent Close crime map54253m
Morton Close crime map24263m
Drake Close crime map7326m
Ladywood Road crime map1338m
Shackleton Close crime map18345m
Willoughby Close crime map50363m

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