Activity Timetable: Tuesday 17th May

All activities starting on Tuesday 17th May.

19:40Bootcamp Tues 19.40Tottenham Green Pools & Fitness
19:45Lane Swim Tue 19.45Newcastle City Baths
19:45Lane Swim Tue 19.45Belfairs Swim Centre
19:45Lane Swim Tue 19.45Park Road Pools & Fitness
19:45Lane Swim Tue 19.45Edmonton Leisure Centre
19:45Adult Swim Tue 19.45Belfairs Swim Centre
19:45Sauna Steam Swim 19.45Edmonton Leisure Centre
20:00Sauna Session Tue 20.00Kempston Swim Pool
20:00Sauna/ Steam Tue 20.00Wells Leisure Centre
20:00Sauna Session Tue 20.00Strode Swimming and Fitness
20:00H I I T Tue 20.00Park Road Pools & Fitness
20:00Track Session Tue 20.00New River Sport & Fitness
20:00Aquadance Tues 20.00Wells Leisure Centre
20:00Lane Swim Tue 20.00Tottenham Green Pools & Fitness
20:00L B T Tue 20.00Southend L & T Centre
20:00Lane Swim Tue 20.00Robinson Pool
20:00Lane Swim Tue 20.00Kempston Swim Pool
20:00Lane Swim Tue 20.00Leys Pool & Leisure Centr
20:00Lane Swim Tue 20.00Ivybridge Leisure Centre
20:00Lane Swim Tues 20.00Ferry Leisure Centre
20:05Sauna/steam 20.05Albany Leisure Centre
20:05Lane Swim Tue 20.05Albany Leisure Centre
20:15Lane Swim Tue 20.15Shoeburyness L C
20:30Sauna Session Tue 20.30Kempston Swim Pool
20:30Sauna/ Steam Tue 20.30Wells Leisure Centre
20:30Sauna Session Tue 20.30Strode Swimming and Fitness
20:45General Skate Tues 20.45Oxford Ice Rink
20:45Spectator Tckt 20.45Oxford Ice Rink
20:45Snowmen Skate AidsOxford Ice Rink
20:45Penguins Skate AidsOxford Ice Rink
20:45Skate Hire Tue 20.45Oxford Ice Rink
21:00Lane Swim Tue 21,00Leatherhead L C
21:00Lane Swim Tue 21.00Parklands Leisure Centre

Source: GLL
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC-BY v4.0)
Attribution: Better