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Giles Way (IP6) crime reports, crime data, crime map

Last Update Jan 21th, 2019 - Data on 5 crime reports on or near Giles Way in IP6. Crime map showing how Giles Way compares to neighbouring streets. Click a street for data on that street.


Month Location Crime Outcome
April 2019On or near Giles WayOther theftUnder investigation
March 2019On or near Giles WayAnti-social behaviour
January 2018On or near Giles WayViolence and sexual offencesStatus update unavailable
November 2017On or near Giles WayBurglaryInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
August 2017On or near Giles WayOther theftStatus update unavailable

Source: data.police.uk
Licence: Open Government Licence

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Hall Lane crime map1234m
Burwash crime map13782m
Rose Hill crime map6828m

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